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The basics

Working with the WebContextMenu in DataFlex


The WebContextMenu is a new control that can be used just, like in Windows, to give extra options given a context. This context is provided by something the user clicks on.

This has several advantages over adding buttons for any and everything within an application. On the one hand you wish to provide the user with an as easy can be experience, and on the other want to give your applications nifty features that extend that supposed “easy to use application”. 

Using Context Menus we can dynamically hide functionality; by not putting it on the view itself but instead provide a very natural way to interact with, in DataFlex’s case, data.

Off course this has been a feature in native applications for a very long time. But we see a growth in which Web Applications start taking over the purposes of the former Windows applications, and as such, require more and more of these more advanced features like Context Menus.

In this course we will show you how easy it is to provide for very simple things that could make your applications so much more intuitive and simpler to use.