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Whats New in DataFlex 2024 Pre release

20m 37s
Dive into the latest in DataFlex 2024 (pre release), where innovation meets practicality. Discover dynamic vector drawings, enhanced grid layouts, improved security with SPLF Encryption, and advanced Data Dictionary capabilities. Download the Beta 1 build to join the testing community and contribute to refining this new release.
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(0m 41s)
Introduction to the course.
Drawing web control
(4m 44s)
The cWebDrawing control allows developers to easily generate vector drawings within web applications using DataFlex code. Offering versatility for tasks like chart creation, mapping, and even simple game development. In this lesson Harm demonstrates the new control.
WebApp Server SPLF Encryption
(1m 22s)
The new SPLF Encryption update in DataFlex 2024 enhances protection by encrypting connections between SPLF master and application nodes, allowing configurable encryption tokens per node for added security strength. In this lesson Harm explains more about the new SPLF Encryption update.
Improved Grid Layout Designer
(5m 52s)
Designing grid layouts gets a boost in DataFlex 2024 with the upgraded Web Designer. Enjoy a new popup for editing rows and columns, including support for easy insertion and removal. The context menu also now allows a smooth transition from flow layout to grid layout. In this lesson Harm demonstrates the improved Grid Layout Designer.
DDO Structures in the Web
(4m 47s)
DataFlex 2024 offers improved Data Dictionary capabilities. Now, Web container controls can contain their own DDO structure, enhancing flexibility. The DDO Explorer panel in the studio is also upgraded to display multiple DDO structures, providing a more comprehensive view. Harm demonstrates more in this lesson!
Bugfixes and Conclusion
(3m 11s)
Besides the main new features there are numerous bug fixes in DataFlex 2024. In this lesson Harm shows more new improvements!
Course instructor
Harm Wibier
Software Engineer , Data Access Europe B.V.