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Whats New in DataFlex 2023

58m 28s
DataFlex 2023 opens up many possibilities for Windows and Web applications. FlexTron enables interchanging of technologies by making Web components placeable in Windows apps, The the Web Grid layout gives design freedom, and the SQLExecutor brings ease and performance to those that need it. Plus, numerous other new features and enhancements are delivered in this flagship release that boost app performance and developer productivity! Harm shows the highlights of DataFlex 2023 in this video course!
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(0m 28s)
Introduction to the course.
(10m 11s)
DataFlex 2023 introduces FlexTron, which brings Web views and controls into Windows applications, allowing a more modern look and feel or just adding Web features to more mature Windows applications. You can use a single Web control or build entire applications. A FlexTron sample workspace is added to see FlexTron in action and easily try it out. In this lesson Harm demonstrates FlexTron!
Embedded SQL
(17m 03s)
DataFlex 2023 comes with a new way to work directly with SQL statements. A new engine for executing statements is built into the runtime that puts result sets directly into native DataFlex types. This means that your results can now go directly into structs, multidimensional arrays and variants with the proper type conversions being done automatically. In this lesson Harm shows that it's easier then ever to use SQL in DataFlex.
Web Grid Layout
(10m 36s)
The new Web Grid Layout system in DataFlex 2023 gives you more control over the vertical positioning of controls. Using modern browser technologies like CSS Grid makes building complex interfaces easier than ever. Harm shows the Web Grid Layout in this lesson.
WebList Grouping
(9m 02s)
The WebList now supports grouping of data. For example group on state, status or city, which gives a clear overview of your data! You, as a developer, can use manual grouping and the end user can configure the groups via the context menu on the header of the list. In this lesson Harm shows how this works!
Aligned multiline string
(3m 30s)
When embedding foreign code like SQL, JavaScript or HTML into DataFlex code, you can use a multiline string. A new style of multiline string has been added that allows better alignment with the rest of your code without adding white space to the actual string at runtime. These strings use the triple quote notation (""") and have the advantage that you can embed quotes in your source code. In this lesson Harm demonstrates Aligned multiline strings.
Other Improvements
(7m 38s)
Besides new features such as FlexTron, Embedded SQL and the Web Grid Layout there are numerous other new features and enhancements delivered in this flagship release that boost app performance and developer productivity! In this lesson Harm shows more improvements in DataFlex 2023!
Course instructor
Harm Wibier
Software Engineer , Data Access Europe B.V.