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Whats New in DataFlex 2023 Pre release

1h 07m
In this course we give an overview of the new features in DataFlex 2023 (pre-release).
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(0m 29s)
Introduction to the course.
(8m 55s)
DataFlex 2023 introduces FlexTron, which brings Web views and controls into Windows applications, allowing a more modern look and feel or just adding Web features to more mature Windows applications. You can use a single Web control or build entire applications. In this lesson we will demonstrate FlexTron.
Embedded SQL
(10m 35s)
DataFlex 2023 comes with a new way to work directly with SQL statements. A new engine for executing statements is built into the runtime that puts result sets directly into native DataFlex types. This means that your results can now go directly into structs, multidimensional arrays and variants with the proper type conversions being done automatically. Parameterized queries now support named parameters and only a single class / object is needed for executing queries. In this lesson we will show more about the new embedded SQL API.
Web Grid Layout
(7m 58s)
The new Web Grid Layout is a new layout system now available for web applications. It's an alternative for the Flow Layout and provides more control over vertical positioning of controls. It relies on modern browser technologies like CSS Grid. This new layout system better accommodates dashboard layouts. In this lesson we demonstrate the Web Grid Layout.
WebList Grouping
(8m 16s)
The cWebList class now supports grouping of data. When enabled, the user can configure the groups via the context menu on the header of the list. In this lesson we demonstrate this new feature.
Aligned multiline string
(2m 51s)
When embedding foreign code like SQL, JavaScript or HTML into DataFlex code you can use the multiline string. A new style of multiline strings has been added that allows better alignment with the rest of your code without adding all this whitespace to the actual string at runtime. These strings use the triple quote notation and have the advantage that you can embed quotes in your source code. In this lesson we demonstrate this new feature.
Other Improvements
(5m 03s)
There are many more features added to DataFlex 2023. For example: more details when debugging crashes of web applications, improved Studio icons, faster startup times and more. In this lesson we will go over more improvements in DataFlex 2023.
Course instructor
Harm Wibier
Software Engineer , Data Access Europe B.V.