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What's New in DataFlex 2022

Lesson 2 - Connectivity

In this lesson, we'll talk about some improvements that we've made to the connectivity kits. The connectivity kits are used to connect to SQL, and we have made some improvements in that area.

One of the improvements is made to the restructuring logic of the driver. Restructuring a table is done from DataFlex, using database commands and within the studio. It also uses the same restructuring logic.

  • Triggers, table column comments and full text indexes are preserved
  • Recognizes system version tables
  • Gives error or warning

We improved performance and memory consumption. 

  • Use less memory
  • Will only reserve memory it needs
  • WebOrderEntrySQL idle after start up
  • 20.1 only uses about half of the memory of the older versions.

The gain depends on which field types you use, especially texts and varchar(max) fields make make a big difference in this in his area. 

And then we have some other improvements like the DF_FILE_REVISION option in the driver XML.

  • Fixed Finds on citext columns
  • Added a driver attribute
  • Managed Connections - password stored per version

So if you migrate from one version to another, it will still maintain the encrypted passwords in your DFCON.i&i So you don't have to re enter the password every time you switch back and forth.