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UX UI Design principles for application development

10m 23s
Great applications usually result when software projects start with usability considerations. In this course UX/UI Designer Luuk Gottenkieny shows 5 basic design principles. These 5 principles will make developing DataFlex applications with a great user experience super easy.
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(1m 07s)
Introduction to the course.
(1m 44s)
Hierarchy, often referred to as, visual hierarchy, relates to the visual appearance of content. This principle helps making navigation easier and more intuitive. This lesson shows how to use Hierarchy in your DataFlex applications.
(1m 55s)
Users expect applications to be consistent. The more familiar your applications are, the better their experience will be. It might be tempting to try something new, but the principle of consistency (and there is a lot of research) shows us it is better to stick with the standards. This lesson shows how to use Consistency in your DataFlex applications.
(1m 46s)
Preventing user errors is one of our key goals when creating an application. The principle of Confirmation will help you achieve this. This lesson shows you how!
User Control
(1m 40s)
Users have a better experience if you give them control over where they are in the application and what they're doing. An essential part of user control is helping users easily backpedal or recover from errors. This lesson shows a few examples of user control.
(2m 11s)
Our last principle is Accessibility. Our goal as designers is to create applications that can be easily used by as many people as possible. It is important to focus on removing obstacles for people when they use the application. This lesson shows some examples of accessibility in your application.
Course instructor
Luuk Gottenkieny
UX/UI Designer, Data Access Europe B.V.