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Installation of Jenkins

Tips on using the build automation tool Jenkins within DataFlex

Lesson 1: What is Jenkins?

Open-source automation tool:

Jenkins is an open-source automation tool written in Java with plugins built to make it easier for developers to accelerate their software development process, as Jenkins can automate builds and test them at a rapid rate.
Without Jenkins you have to manually build your entire source code, locate and fix bugs in the event of the build, consuming a lot of time, while the developers working on the project have to wait for the test results. 

But Jenkins can build and test every commit made in the source code. Instead of checking the entire source code what went wrong with the build developers only need to focus on a particular commit. 

The test results of an automated build by Jenkins will directly be send to the developers after the build has finished, which leads to spending more time to fix or deploy your software instead of locating any possible bugs.

1000+ plugins:

Jenkins includes over a thousand plugins which provide different functionalities in the deployment, development and testing. Most of the tasks in Jenkins use these plugins. Some of the more popular plugins being used within Jenkins are Jira, GitHub (Git), Publish to FTP, Email Extension, MS Build, Powershell and much more!

Source Control Integration:

By using integrations like the Git or GitHub Integration plugin you are able to schedule your build, pull your code and data files from your repository to your Jenkins machine or automatically trigger each build on the Jenkins server, after each Commit on your Git repository.

Free and maintained:

One of the greatest advantages of Jenkins is that it’s a free open-source tool. It gets updated almost every week so you know that you are working with a tool which is improving regularly!

Easy to install and use:

Jenkins can be installed and used within minutes. Because it is Java based it will work on all major platforms like Windows, Linux, or macOS. 

How easy is it to install Jenkins? We will show you that in the next lesson.