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What is Jenkins

Tips on using the build automation tool Jenkins within DataFlex


Hello and welcome to the DataFlex Learning Center! In this course I’d like to tell you something about Jenkins, the build automation tool. 

During the DataFlex Launch Event Stephen spoke about how we used Git, Jira and Jenkins for build automation and testing of DataFlex 2021. Here you can view the presentation of Stephen.

In this video course we’re going to show the options of Jenkins we found useful. There are a lot of tools out there that might do the same job. We’re not trying to sell Jenkins to you, but it is what we used, and what worked great for us. That’s why we wanted to share this information with you.

In the first lesson we are going to look at what Jenkins is and what it is being used for. We will talk about the huge amount of options Jenkins has to make software development much easier!

In our second lesson we will show you how to properly install Jenkins on a 64 bit Windows environment. We will go through all the options step by step to make sure we have everything installed correctly before we can use Jenkins.

In our third lesson we will create a build project together. The best way to find out how Jenkins works is to start with an example so we will add one to our build project and see how efficiently we can build our code. 

Lets start this video course showing what Jenkins is and what it is being used for!