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The Drag & Drop Framework in DataFlex


In this course, we explored a new feature of DataFlex 20.1: the Drag & Drop framework. We’ve explored the possibilities of the framework, as well as went through how to add Drag & Drop functionality to your existing view. Just to recap one last time.

  • First, add a cWebDragDropHelper to your view
  • Next, register your Drag Sources and Drop Targets with specific actions for each of them
  • Finally, implement the “OnDrop” procedure. In here, use Get DragData and Get DropData to extract the data from the objects involved. You can use the IsObjectOfClass method to determine exactly which object you are interacting with in order to get the data to their appropriate structs.

Additionally, we also looked at how to add File Dropping to your application. This can be used to allow file dropping on any control, and for some controls even in more specific areas – such as folders in a treeview. Drag & Drop framework File Dropping can be used in conjunction with the existing FileUploadButton and FileUploadForm

As you can see the Drag & Drop framework is a very powerful and flexible tool that can help you elevate the user experience of your applications to the next level.

As always; thank you for watching and see you in the next one!