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DataFlex Courses


Synergy 2019

Businesses worldwide are demanding more and better mobile, web and Windows applications. DataFlex provides developers with an advanced platform, exceptional productivity and continuous technical innovation to deliver them. Synergy 2019 offered a totally different conference experience to introduce the latest in DataFlex and related technologies. During Synergy 2019 some presentations were recorded, they are shown below.
DataFlex 2019 19.1
Course instructor: Stephen Meeley
The new capabilities of DataFlex 2019/19.1 touch every area of the product; from the installation experience to more streamlined application deployment, and everything in between. In this presentation Stephen gives an overview of all the changes you can use to take your Web, Windows and service-based applications to the next level with DataFlex 2019/19.1.
DataFlex NextGen
Course instructor: Harm Wibier
The next generation DataFlex is in the making, which will include support for 64-bit and Unicode. What will change, and how will changes affect the work for DataFlex developers? In this presentation Harm Wibier shows what will change in the next generation of DataFlex.
New HTTP Handler
Course instructor: Harm Wibier
HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is essentially the basics of the web. Everything you do in your browser uses HTTP. For example: websites, Web Applications and SOAP Web Services. With the New HTTP Handler in DataFlex HTTP requests can completely be handled in DataFlex. It makes you independent from Classic ASP and provides the perfect basis for building your REST Services. In this presentation Harm shows the New HTTP Handler and how you can use it in DataFlex.
DataFlex Reports in the Real World
Course instructor: Marco Kuipers
The DataFlex Reports visual report designer and its wizards are getting better and better. In this presentation Marco shares how to use this tool effectively in order to create affordable and great looking reports. He presents some tips and tricks, shares his subclass and discusses some features like its automated document archive.