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DataFlex - Studio Tour

Lesson 10: The Tools Menu

  1. The tools menu shows an overview of all the tools that are installed with DataFlex.

  2. For example the ‘Database Builder’ but also the ‘Database Explorer’. The database explorer is a separate tool that allows you to view the tables and the contents of a table

  3. This tool is also installed with a client runtime at a customer site. 
  4. In this case you can click on the ‘BucketItem – 0001’ table, because it has automatically opened the workspace you can see the data of the bucket list items in this application. 
  5. It’s also possible to customize the tools menu by selecting ‘Configer Tools Menu’.

  6. Now you know the basic elements of the DataFlex Studio, and their functionality. The Studio is fully configurable. It allows you to customize every component, and ensure that it is your optimal workspace.