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Lesson 8: Find in Files

  1. You can open the Find in Files function by going to Text, Find and select the ‘Find in Files’ function, or press Shift+F to open it.

  2. In this case we are searching for ‘Bucket’.

  3. You can configure where the files that are going to be searched are located, this can be in the current project or in the directories that are listed.

  4. By clicking ‘All Source Paths’ it will add the paths that a project uses files from, so it will search all the files that are available to the project.

  5. Select “Current project files’ and press ‘Find all’ to go through the files and search for the term that has been set in the ‘Text to Find’.

  6. In this case it finds data dictionaries, views and everything that is needed.

  7. Expanding one of the results will show the exact lines of code where the term is being used, so in this case for example the ‘psCaption’ is being set to “Bucket Item”.

  8. This is an easy way to navigate around a workspace and something you will be using on a regular basis.