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The Basics
Security the Basics DataFlex in 5 minutes Studio Tour How to install and register DataFlex Personal
Working with Web Properties Working with Databases Custom Controls Quickstart building a web application (Mobile touch) SOAP Web Services Multi Tenancy Quickstart building a web application (Desktop)
Configuring your system for DataFlex Web Development
DataFlex Reports
Runtime Data Source (RDS) Page Layers DataFlex Reports Quickstart SQL Statements Charts Label Reports Maintenance Program
SQL Search
DataFlex 2019 19.1 Material Theme Getting your Applications ready for the Next Generation of DataFlex
Working with JSON Build your own Search Engine

Studio Tour

18m 52s
The Studio offers all features to create a business application. This course highlights the main components for building a Web Application. In another course we have shown how to build a Bucketlist application with DataFlex. That application is our basic for this Studio Tour. It might be convenient to watch the Bucketlist video before or after you have watched this Course. Find the link to that Course in the recommended prerequisites.
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Introduction to the Course.
Course instructor
Harm Wibier
Software Engineer , Data Access Europe B.V.
Recommended prerequisites
DataFlex in 5 minutes