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Adding the Quill Editor to your Web Application

Quill Editor Library

Lesson 1: How to add the Quill Editor to your workspace

In this lesson, we demonstrate how to add the editor to your workspace. It’s quite a simple process.  You can find the instructions in the pdf bundle included in the download.


  1. We created a new workspace
  2. And downloaded the editor beforehand from the download center.  You can find a direct link to download center here.
  3. Go to the downloads folder and extract it with your favourite zipping tool
  4. Next open a second explorer window and go to the new workspace
  5. Copy both App- folders
  6. In addition to the editor files, you will find some documentation.  This includes a snippet and information on all properties for the editor and a description of what they do
  7. Copy the snippet and paste it at the custom control section in your index.html
  8. And that’s all. It is as simple as that. The new Quill editor available for use

In the next lesson we add the Quill editor to a Web Application.