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Quickstart building a web application (desktop style)

Lesson 3: Creating the System file

Before creating the actual database a system file needs to be created. A system file within DataFlex is a table that only has a single record. It’s used to store auto increment values that are used when incrementing identity columns of other tables. Using SQL you would use SQL auto increments instead of a system file.

  1. Go to the Table Explorer and click on Create New Table.
  2. Give the table the name Sysfile and click on enter.
  3. Set an attribute to make sure it’s a System file. Go to the Properties panel and set DF_files_is_system_file to True.
  4. Create the needed columns. In this Quickstart that will be:
    - PersonId, Numeric, 8,0
    - MediaId, Numeric, 8,0
  5. Save the table by clicking on the Save button.
  6. View the table by rightclicking the Sysfile and choosing for ‘View Table’.
  7. An empty table opens. Click on the pencil to fill in some information and click on the save button next to the pencil.
  8. When creating the first person record in the application the id will be 101.