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Creating the Web App

Quickstart building a web application (desktop style)

Lesson 1: Creating the workspace

The workspace is a folder on your hard drive that contains all the different bits and pieces of your application. For example the DataFlex source code, and in case of the embedded database, the database as a folder on your hard drive.

These are the general steps to create a workspace, with the settings that are used in this Quickstart:

  1. Open the Studio. The Start Center appears, showing a list of recently used workspaces.
  2. Click on New Workspace… to create a new workspace. 
  3. The New workspace Wizard opens, the guide for creating a new workspace.
  4. First step in the wizard is the workspace name. In this Quickstart use the name Quickstart.
  5. Choose the root folder. In this Quickstart we changed it to the suggested DataFlex folder.
  6. Important note: don’t choose ‘My documents’ as a root folder, because there are rights issues choosing that folder.
  7. On the next step choose the database options. There are several options in the wizard. Choose Embedded database.
  8. The final step of the wizard shows a summary of the options that are chosen.
  9. Finish the wizard.