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Basic alignment

Page Layers


In DataFlex Reports, page layers are separate files that can be added to your reports. Page layers are printed behind the report fields and are independent from the report flow. In addition, they are also transparent which allows you to stack them. This feature allows report designers to create multiple simple page layers that can be reused. 

The following videos will show examples of what page layers can offer. An invoice-like document will be used as an example to show…

  1. Basic alignment: a temporary page layer will be applied to be used as an aid for aligning the address to the envelope window. 
  2. Form alignment: an acceptgiro will be filled on the bottom of the document.
    - An acceptgiro is a Dutch method for easy payment using a prefilled check that only needs to be signed and sent. The acceptgiro is part of the stationary but the data is not. 
  3. Stationary replacement: a company logo and a simple background will be applied to show that page layers can potentially be used to replace stationary.