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Stationary replacement

Page Layers

Form alignment

  1. Add a page layer
  2. Remove the margins
  3. Add the image of the acceptgiro…
  4. From the top menu select INSERT > IMAGE
  5. Choose the correct image and press OK.
  6. As done with the box in Lesson 1, change the image’s size and location in the Field Properties dialogue, so that the image is positioned at the bottom of the report.
  7. Save the page layer
  8. Add the page layer to the report using the Page Layer Expert
  9. Enlarge the page footer to match the height of the image.
  10. Add a new field to show the total amount of euros due by dragging the desired field (GrandTotalEur) from the menu on Field Explorer on the right.
    1. The Field Properties dialogue can also be used here to adjust the fields location and size.
  11. Previewing the report shows that the euro amount is in the proper location.
  12. These particular page layers should not be printed because they are simply alignment aids. They should either be removed or hidden using the Page Layer Expert.
  13. Once removed/hidden the preview will show what will be printed.