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Form alignment

Page Layers

Lesson 1: Basic alignment

  1. Align the costumer name and address to the envelope window…
  2. Create a new page layer
  3. From the top menu select FILE > NEW > PAGE LAYER
  4. Remove the margins
  5. From the top menu select FILE > PAGE SETUP
  6. In the “Page Setup” window set the Left, Right, Top and Bottom margin measurements to 0. Select OK.
  7. Insert a box at the approximate position of the envelope window. 
  8. Using the Box Creation tool from the top toolbar draw a box in the approximate location for the layer.

  9. Right click on the box and select FIELD PROPERTIES to set the exact location and size for the envelope window. In this example…
    - Horizontal position: 3 cm
    - Vertical position: 5,5 cm
    - Width: 9 cm
    - Height: 3 cm
  10. The page layer must be saved, for it to be used in the report. This can be done by navigating to FILE > SAVE from the top menu, or by using the SAVE icon the top toolbar.
  11. Add the page layer to the report using the Page Layer Expert…
  12. Open the report
  13. From the top menu select REPORT > PAGE LAYER EXPERT
  14. Select the following icon (see image) from the top toolbar of the Page Layer Expert window
  15. Select the page layer that was created, select OPEN, select OK
  16. Selecting the PREVIEW icon from the top toolbar to view the page layer will show that the page layout needs to be further adjusted.
  17. To adjust the layout…
  18. Return to the Design view of the report
  19. Enlarge the page header by selecting and holding its bottom edge and dragging it down
  20. Select and drag the @OrderTitle information and the name and address section to the proper locations.

  21. Returning to the preview window will show that everything is aligned.