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Setting up the MySQL Environment

Migrating to MySQL Environment

Lesson 3: MySQL Environment

The MySQL Environment consists of a client side and a server side.

The server side:

  • Is where the data is stored
  • There are many MySQL editions available. This course will use the free community edition.
  • MySQL calculator - a tool available from MySQL to help determine the minimum hardware requirements needed for peak performance on the server
  • MySQL Workbench – graphic interface to help maintain both the server and the databases
  • It is important to remember to configure the collate and charset to latin1_general_ci

The client side:

  • The client needs to be installed and configured to access the data stored on the server
  • The MySQL Connector ODBC driver is needed to connect applications to different servers. To accomplish this the ODBC 32-bit version is needed.
  • The 32-bit ODBC Data Source Administrator is needed for DSN configuration with the ANSI driver.