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The DataFlex 2021 environment

Migrating to DataFlex 2021 Part 1


DataFlex 2021 has a lot of changes throughout the product. The two major changes are Unicode and 64-bit. This course will focus on what these changes mean, and how to successfully migrate code of an existing application to DataFlex 2021. Some of the changes may impact current applications, so changes to source may be necessary. Moving to DataFlex 2021 is optional, but to continue to benefit from future updates it is recommended that applications are migrated eventually.

There are three parts to this course:

  1. General aspects of migrating to Dataflex 2021. These are relevant and important issues to be aware of, whether or not an application is going to be converted to Unicode or 64-bit.
  2. Unicode in Dataflex 
  3. Building your applications as a 64-bit executable

The following lessons focus on Part 1 of the course. Parts 2 and 3 will follow later in the year.