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Learn the language

1h 37m
This video course provides a solid base of knowledge for beginning DataFlex programmers. You will learn about the syntax of the language, the different data types, objects and classes.
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(1m 10s)
Introduction to the Course.
The DataFlex Language
(5m 08s)
DataFlex is designed for developing business application software. With only one language, one studio and one framework, it can be used to efficiently develop and deploy software for desktop browsers, mobile devices and Windows PCs. This lesson introduces you to the DataFlex language.
Variables and Types
(8m 33s)
DataFlex is a strongly typed language. Eeach type is predefined as part of the language, all constants or variables defined for a given program must be described with one of the data types. This lesson shows the types and variables and how to use them.
Flow control
(9m 21s)
Programming code is usually executed from top to bottom. Sometimes descisions need to be made in the code, and only execute when a specific conditon is met. This lesson introduces some useful statements and how to use them.
Functions and Procedures
(13m 58s)
There are several ways in DataFlex to organize code into reusable blocks. By using procedures, parameters, functions and commands. This lesson shows what they are and how you can use them.
Structs and Arrays
(14m 47s)
To organize data in memory into reusable blocks in DataFlex Structs and Arrays are used. This lesson shows what Structs and Arrays are and how to use them.
Classes and Objects
(17m 43s)
So far the lessons only showed procedural DataFlex code, but DataFlex is an object orientend language that supports classes, inheritance and objects. This lesson shows what they are and how to use them.
(7m 09s)
An important part of each programming language are expressions. Expressions are a combination of one or more constants/variables/operators/functions that DataFlex interprets and produces to another value. This lesson shows how expressions are used in DataFlex.
Structure of a DataFlex Program
(7m 32s)
The previous lessons showed multiple parts of the DataFlex programming language. This lesson shows how this all comes together when building a DataFlex Windows Application.
DataFlex Web Applications and conclusion
(12m 30s)
Besides Windows Applications, DataFlex can also be used to build Web Applications. This lesson introduces the WebApp Framework and shows you can use the Framework.
Course instructor
Harm Wibier
Software Engineer , Data Access Europe B.V.
Recommended prerequisites
Quickstart building a web application (Mobile touch)