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Implement the theme in DataFlex

How to use the DataFlex Styler

Lesson 1 - Create a new theme

  • Let’s start with the lists. To make sure the data list has a good readability we use the styler to add whitespace to the top and bottom of a row
  • Let’s change the border style and make improvements to the Views!
  • To make sure our views are easy to use by our users we give our view controls a minimum height of 42 pixels and a border radius. This way our views are spotted easily
  • Let’s change the font for our data text to roboto, this font works in various sizes and has a better readability. This font is also available on all devices
  • Well that looks a bit off. We also have to change the font for titles and text
  • Better! Let’s improve the Buttons!
  • It is important to make our buttons look clickable. Let’s change the button height to 42 pixels and give it a border radius to make them do look clickable.
  • That looks okay buttons, but they don’t stand out.
  • Let’s change their background color! Well that is clickable button.
  • So that were the new features of the updated DataFlex Styler!
  • In this lesson we’ve created a new theme, based upon the new features in the DataFlex Styler. Let’s see how to implement this theme into DataFlex