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How to setup

How to setup a livestream event

Lesson 1: Equipment you need

To get started you need some hardware and software sorted out.


  • A powerful pc that can carry the load of the different (HD) camera inputs
  • Good wired internet connection for the best streaming results
  • When using higher quality cameras (DSLR/system camera) you need capture cards. This will process the footage and make it useable on the computer
  • An external microphone
  • Optional: a green screen 
  • Studio lights, day light balanced


  • Main piece of software used for the EDUC stream: OBS Studio
    • OBS Studio is designed for streaming and screen recording
    • In here you can build up your livestream and control it
  • A platform to stream to, where your audience can see it
    • If this is a platform supported by OBS (for example: Facebook, YouTube, Twitch) you can simply set everything up through the set-up in OBS
    • If you want to stream to a platform that's not supported by OBS you will need two other plugins:
      • OBS Virtual Cam
      • Virtual Audio cable

The next lesson will go more in to depth about the hard- and software we used for the EDUC livestream.