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The structure of a WebApp

How to deploy your WebApp

Lesson 1: What is a WebApp?

In the DataFlex arena, the term “WebApp” generally refers to applications that are created using the DataFlex Web Application Framework.  The web framework supports complete, integrated business applications by providing database connectivity, a business rules repository, a robust set of data-aware user interface controls and much more. 

This single, comprehensive framework allows developers to be more efficient and to write less code so they can build and maintain business-class mobile-touch and desktop style web applications more efficiently.

WebApps are not limited to full framework applications; DataFlex also supports service-only style applications built using REST, JSON or SOAP.  This course will focus on framework applications but practically all of the concepts covered will also apply to service-only applications.

WebApps are hosted on the web server using Microsoft IIS and require the DataFlex WebApp Server, the WebApp workspace and in most cases a database server, such as Microsoft SQL Server, should be used. If needed, two Quick Start courses, Building a Web Application, MobileTouch or Desktop, are available for those that want to become familiar with DataFlex Web Framework prior to proceeding with more lessons in this course.