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Lesson 7 - Page title

  • This lesson will show how to manually change the title of an application. 
  • The page title consists of 2 parts: the Application Title and the View Caption. Both can be set using a property.
  • For the Application Title, psApplicationTitle is changed in the Webapp Source
  • The View Caption can be changed by altering the psCaption for a view.
  • Apart from those properties, a title can also be manually built using two methods:
    1. UpdatePageTitle can be called at any time to manually trigger an update of the page title
    2. OnGeneratePageTitle can be implemented in the WebApp source to generate a custom title.


  • From the WebApp source, implement the OnGeneratePageTitle. Inside, write code to take the custom StateHash and append it to the page title.
  • To do this, a string, sHash, is created. Next, check if there is a valid view handle, by adding If hoView Begin. Then, call on OnDefineCustomStateHash here to fill the sHash with…
  • Send OnDefineCustomeStateHash of hoView (&sHash)
  • Next we’ll append the sHash to the title by…
  • Move (sTitle + “ – “ + sHash) to sTitle
  • To make this work, expand the Custom Text form (VwPersonZoom.wo). 
  • Inside the onChange, add…
  • Send UpdatePageTitle
  • Compiling and running the application will show that when the form is filled out the value is now reflected in the page title.