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Getting to know the Web Controls

Lesson 18 - WebFileUploadForm

In this lesson we will look at the WebFileUploadForm control in DataFlex. The WebFileUploadForm control is a form and used to upload files to the server of the web application. There is a prompt button on the right. It will open a file selection dialog when you click it. After selecting a file, it will upload the file to the server. A progress bar is shown, to show the progress of this which can be handy with large files. The upload folder needs to be registered as an accessible upload folder for every process. This is for security reasons. This can be done with the RegisterUploadFolder procedure.

Let’s have a look at an example.


  • This example demonstrates a WebFileUploadForm control to upload a copy of a passport. 
  • It’s very easy to use. I can click the prompt button and select a file to upload.
  • It’s possible to determine the exact path where the file has to be stored with the OnFileUpload function. Like I said before: The target folder has to be registered as an accessible upload folder.
  • As you can see the WebFileUploadForm is simple control to upload files and very easy to use.