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Getting to know the Web Controls

Lesson 16 - WebDatePicker

In this lesson we will look at the WebDatePicker control in DataFlex. The WebDatePicker is used for date values. Entering date values is something that is often used in web applications. For example making a reservation online. The WebDatePicker shows a monthly calendar that is always visible.

Let’s take look at it in the next example.


  • This example demonstrates a simple page of a web application for booking a vacation. We can fill in all the information and especially the first and the last day of the vacation.
  • This WebDatePicker can be used with or without a data binding.
  • The calendar shows the date of today at the bottom of the calendar. 
  • This can be turned off with the property ShowToday.
  • The same for the weeknumbers on the left side of the calendar. This can be turned off with the property ShowWeekNr.
  • As you can see the WebDatePicker is easy to use.