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Getting to know the Web Controls

Lesson 11 - WebColumnLink

The WebColumnLink is a control that will be used as a column within the WebList or WebGrid and will add the option to have an easy clickable column for a certain row. Adding the OnClick procedure for the WebColumnLink allows you to customize where you navigate to when one clicks on one of the records. 

The WebColumnLink could be handy if you wanted to redirect to another page or website for a certain record in the WebList or WebGrid.

Now you know more about the WebColorLink, I will show a demo on how to implement it and how it looks by using the DataFlex Web Scheduler Library.


  • As you can see, I have copied the WebOrderMobile Example to another workspace.
  • Now we are looking at the Select Order. And it shows some details about each order.
  • Now let’s change the Salesperson column to be a WebColumnLink so that we can navigate to the salesperson view for more information about the salesperson.
  • Now let’s compile and checkout the results.

  • As you can see, it navigates to the salesperson view and shows us more information about the salesperson.