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Getting to know the Web Controls

Lesson 3 - WebColorForm

The WebColorForm is control that allows the user to select a color. It looks like a form but pops up the Color Picker and sets the value of the form to the colorcode selected in the ColorPicker. It could be handy if you wanted to change the color of a calendar item of our custom control the DataFlex Web Scheduler . Or if you want to have certain colors customizable by the end-user. Now you know more about the WebColorForm, I will show a demo on how to implement it and how it looks by using the DataFlex Web Scheduler Library.


  • I have implemented the DataFlex Web Scheduler in my application. 
  • On this settings page the administrator can add colors to the settings table.
  • The end user can use these to set colors to appointments in the Web Scheduler. 
  • Let’s see how to implement the WebColorPicker to save these records.
  • Let’s add the WebColorPicker using the Color palette in the Designer.
  • Make it smaller and move it behind the Color Name form.
  • Now I'm going to add an Entry_Item to Settings.ColorCode and compile the web app.
  • Now you can use the WebColorForm to save the records for all the different colors.
  • Let's use the new created record in the calendar using the WebScheduler library by creating a new appointment. 
  • As you can see the color has been changed using the color we selected using the WebColorForm.