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Getting to know the Web Controls

Lesson 2 - WebCheckBox

The WebCheckBox is a control that displays a checkbox on your view, which you can use to toggle certain states, like enabled/disabled. It can also be data aware, which means you can use it to toggle data. Like if a user should be Active/Inactive. The WebCheckbox is ideal for representing yes-no or true-false values, or options in your application.Alright now you know more about the WebCheckbox, I will show a demo on how to implement it and how it looks.


  • For this lesson I added an IsActive column to the Salesperson table. 
  • In the Salesperson zoom let’s add a WebCheckbox to change the IsActive column of the Salesperson.
  • Go to the Studio and drag a WebCheckbox right after the Salesperson ID webform.
  •  I resized the WebCheckbox so that it comes right after the WebForm.
  • Let’s add the Entry_Item to the IsActive column of the Salesperson.
  • Now compile and let's see the result.
  • As you can see there is now a checkbox, let's turn off readonly, click the checkbox, and save it. 
  • If we go back to that SalesPerson you will see that it is still checked.