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Manually filling the list

Getting the most out of the WebList

Lesson 2 - WebListExpandPanel

The WebListExpandPanel is a panel that can be expanded with a row click. In the panel you could show more info about the row. The WebListExpandPanel should be a direct child of a weblist which means it needs to be in side of the Weblist object. The panel expands and collapses based on the property peMode. peMode can be set to different values, It can be set to wleOpenOnRowClickCloseOnChange which is set be default. This will opens the row that has been clicked and closes when changing the current row or clicking another row. Or it can be set to wleOpenOnRowChange this will open the current row as soon as it changes. It can also be set to wleOpenOnRowClick, this will open the current row when it is clicked, as this will only close until another row is clicked. Or it can be set to wleManual which will not open or close manually. Open and closing is done by sending ExpandRow or Collapse.

Now let’s show you how to use the WebListExpandPanel.


  • I have setup a basic view that only contains a list, now let’s add the customer, OrderHeader data dictionary via de DDO Explorer and a few columns to the list to show some basic information
  • As you can see you now have some basic customer information
  • Now let’s add the cWebListExpandPanel control right below the customer balance object
  • Then add a weblist and 2 buttons with in the cWebListExpanPanel object
  • Now let’s add some columns to show some info about the order of each customer
  • It opens and closes by default when a row is clicked
  • Now let’s set the peMode to wleManual and implement the OnRowClick and Expand or collapse when a row is clicked

  • It now expands and collapses the same as the default mode

Alright now let’s go to the next lesson where I will show you how to manually fill the list.