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Infinite Scrolling

Getting the most out of the WebList

Lesson 4 - Horizontal Scrolling

In desktop styled applications it is sometimes necessary to show more info that the screen can handle. That’s where the horizontal scrolling comes in handy. By setting pbAutoColumnSizing to false the piWidth property will be interpreted as fixed width. Alright lets show you how to enable horizontal scrolling.


  • As you can see I have setup a basic view with a basic customer lis
  • When we go to the website you can see that the customer name column is a bit too small for some names
  • When setting pbAutoColumnSizing to false the piWidth will be a fixed width and a horizontal scrollbar will appear so that you can scroll to see all the columns
  •  And right now the customer name is fully shown

Alright that’s how you enable horizontal scrolling on a weblist, now let’s go to the next lesson where I will show you how to enable/disable infinite scrolling.