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EDUC 2020

The European DataFlex Users' Conference (EDUC) aims to help you get the most from your DataFlex development by communicating the newest DataFlex ideas, techniques and tools. EDUC 2020 was a virtual EDUC, all presentations and training sessions have been recorded. If you registered for a training you can view it below. All EDUC attendees can view the presentations and bonus videos.

The content related to EDUC 2020 is for a limited audience only. If you would like to watch it too, you can purchase access, please contact
DataFlex 2020
Course instructor: Harm Wibier
The NextGen project will have advanced and many developers around the world have gotten a taste of what 64-bit and Unicode will offer to them. Harm will present what are new features in DataFlex 2020, besides Unicode and 64-bit.