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Debugging DataFlex Apps

Lesson 7: Data Dictionary Properties

Any Data Dictionary property can be viewed while using the Debugger. However, the Data Dictionary Inspector, which is not part of the Debugger, is a better tool for working with Data Dictionaries. Visit the DataFlex Help to learn more about the Inspector.

Demonstration – Using Data Dictionary Properties in the Debugger

For this demonstration, code in the oOrdersGeneratorBPO in the OnProcess method will be used.

  1. Double click on ‘oOrdersGenerator > OnProcess’ from the Code Explorer on the left side of the Studio
  2. Search for “send Find”
  3. Set a breakpoint for line 833…
  4. Move sSalesPersons[(Random (iSalesPersonElements))] to SalesP.ID
  5. Run the program, click ‘Generate,’ and select ‘Yes’ when prompted
  6. From the top menu select VIEW > TABLE EXPLORER to open the Table Explorer to view the ‘Customer’ table to inspect its Data Dictionary
  7. The ‘Customer’ table and its ‘Columns’ can be expanded
  8. Any Data Dictionary property can be inspected in the Debugger
  9. In addition to the Table Explorer, data from any table can be viewed directly in the Studio to aid in debugging
    • From the Table Explorer, right click on a table, and select ‘View Table’