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Debugging DataFlex Apps

Lesson 6: Conditional Breakpoints

Demonstration – Making a breakpoint conditional 

  1. Right click on a breakpoint in the left margin and select ‘Breakpoint Condition.’
  2. Enter “iElement=15” and press OK
  3. Clicking the Continue icon from the top menu will cause the program to pause on the loop iteration when iElement is 15 and not before
  4. Clicking the Continue icon again will run the program without pausing again even though there are 34 more elements in the array
  5. The Debugger can be manually paused clicking the Pause icon in the top menu
  6. The Breakpoints window shows the conditional breakpoint
    • Clicking in the ‘Condition’ field will open the dialogue showing the conditions that have been applied
  7. Clicking on the breakpoint’s name it will show the breakpoint in the source code