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DataFlex Reports Quickstart

Lesson 3: Runtime Data Source

  1. The easiest way to create a DataFlex Reports report is using the New report wizard.
  2. Choose the Standard report.
  3. Choose Runtime Datasource.
  4. Enter the information:
    - Table name: Customer
    - CustNum, Integer
    - Name, String, 50
    - State, String, 2
  5. Drag the Customer table to the Selected Tables.
  6. In the next step of the table select the columns of the Customer table and set them as the Fields to Display.
  7. Skip the grouping, data filters, accept the page options, and finish the wizard.
  8. This report is created:
  9. When previewing the report it will show that there is no data yet. The data will come from a program that does the data collection.
  10. Before we create the program that will feed that data we need to create some test data.
  11. Go to 'Database' in the menu and go to 'Edit RDS sample data...'
  12. Select the Customer table and enter some testdata, for example:
    - Data Access Europe, OV
    - Data Access Worldwide, FL
    - Acme Inc, NY
  13. Press OK.
  14. When opening the preview again you will see a report with the test data.