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DataFlex Reports Quickstart

Lesson 4: Runtime Data Source

  1. Select all the header sections and make them bold.
  2. And add a bottom border.
  3. Go to the Preview, the 'State' column is too small.
  4. Select the State column and drag it to give it more space.
  5. The values in the 'Customer_Number' column will be small, so make the nam smaller. In this example 'CustNum'.
  6. Take a look at the preview to see the changes.
  7. Let's add a 'Zebra color'. Every even and oneven row get's a different background color.
  8. Move the mouse to the left margin of theReport Designer, click the right mouse and open the section expert.
  9. Change the 'Gradient Type' to 'Solid'.
  10. Choose the formula button next to color.
  11. Enter the following code to create a zebra color:
  12. Go back to the preview. Every other row has an alternating color.
  13. To add a gradient in the color, go back to the Section expert, and change the 'Gradient Type' to 'Horizontal'.
  14. In the preview all changes are shown.