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DataFlex Reports Quickstart

Lesson 1: DataFlex database

  1. The easiest way to create a DataFlex Reports report is using the New report wizard.
  2. After starting the wizard, select the type of report. Create a standard report.
  3. Select the data source, to designate where the data is coming from. Choose the DataFlex database.
  4. Press the open button and tell DataFlex Reports where to find the DataFlex data. In a typical DataFlex workspace it’s found in the data folder. Select the ‘Order Entry.sws’ file.
  5. The wizard reads the content.
  6. Choose the tables for the report. Choose Customer.
  7. Select the columns:
    - Number
    - Name
    - City
  8. Click on 'Browse Data' to see the data. Press the browse button. A sample of the data in the database shows.
  9. Skip the following steps in the wizard and finish the wizard.
  10. Run the report.
  11. Click the preview button to view the report.
  12. A three pages report opens.
  13. De data isn't presented in a logical order, set up propper sorting.
  14. Go to 'Report' in the menu and choose 'Record Sort Expert'.
  15. Add the 'Sort by name' field to the list to sort on name.
  16. Click OK.
  17. The report sorts the data in alphabetical order on customer name.