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DataFlex QR and Barcode Scanner

Lesson 1 - Demonstration

In this video we’ll briefly look at a demonstration of the scanner component. For this, we’ll use a mobile device to access our Webapp and scan a barcode.


  • So we’re looking at a fairly simple WebApp here. We have 2 buttons that either start or stop our scanner, as well as a form that will contain part of the output our scanner has read, in our case the data inside the barcode
  • When we start our scanner, we’ll see that it uses our phone’s integrated camera to display a video feed. If your device has multiple cameras, you’ll have the possibility to switch between them
  • Now let’s scan a simple one-dimensional barcode
  • The scanner will use the video feed to look for a possible barcode match. And when it finds one, it will output the data contained inside the barcode to the WebForm
  • We can also do the exact same for a two-dimensional code, in this case a QR code

So that is a quick demonstration of the scanner component. In the next video we’ll look at how to integrate the scanner in your application.