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Custom Controls

Lesson 5: DOM Manipulation

This lesson is going to show how to add DataFlex events to interact with the Document Object Model (DOM).

  1. Open WebMsgBuilder.js in the text editor
  2. Add logic to the AddBtn, SendBtn and to the form
    //Add a listener to the buttons and form“click”, this._eAddBtn, this.doAddMessageItem, this);“click”, this._eSendBtn, this.sendMessage, this);, this.onKey, this);
  3. Add functions to make the buttons work
    onKey : function(oEvent) {      
    if (oEvent.matchKey(df.settings.formKeys.submit)) {
    doAddMessageItem : function () {
          var sVal = this._eForm.value;
          this._eForm.value = “”;
          var bOk = this.addMessageItem(sVal);

    addMessageItem : function(sVal) {
          var sMsg = this.get_psValue();
          if ((sMsg.length + sVal.length) < this.piMaxLength) {
                sMsg = this.get_psValue();
                this._eResultArea.value = sMsg;
                return true;
          }     else {
                return false;
    sendMessage : function() {
          //Todo: Implement me!

  4. Return to the web browser and refresh the page.
  5. Enter words into the top field, and either press ‘Add’ or the ENTER key to have them applied to the dialogue box.
  6. This can be done until the maximum length of 10 is reached.