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Custodian 19.1

Lesson 2: How to use

The previous lesson showed how to install the Custodian 19.1 app on a server. This lesson shows how to use the application.

A typical Custodian 19.1 session cycle looks like this:

  • Login to the Custodian 19.1 app
  • Select a web app
  • Upload the file(s) that needs to be replaced
  • Click the update to have all these files copied (locally) into the deploy folder in one go and the web app restarted
  • The last step will be so fast that users will not notice downtime
  • Log off and get on


Note: this demonstration shows an example of how to use Custodian 19.1.

  1. Go to the Custodian 19.1 app, where you installed it
  2. In this example there are four applications that can be updated
  3. In this example we're going to align the view centered instead of left in the update
  4. Open the DataFlex 19.1 Studio
  5. Change the alignment, so it will look like this
  6. Go back to the Custodian 19.1 app
  7. Open the right application
  8. This panel opens, with the deploy folders in the left
  9. The "Programs" is selected because most updates will involve the WebApp.exe file
  10. Click "Upload file(s) to selected folder"
  11. Select the newly compiled program
  12. You can upload files to the other folders as well, in this example we're not doing that
  13. Click "Update WebApp"
  14. Give a reason for the update. In this example "Views are now centered" and click "Confirm"
  15. The WebApp is updated successfully
  16. Go back to the Application, refresh the page, and the alignment is now centered
  17. In the Custodian 19.1 app you can look at the "View update-log"
  18. This shows that the application has been updated 5 times

Another option in Custodian 19.1:

  • Open the application
  • Click on a folder and select "Show current content of deploy area"
  • It shows the content of the folder
  • You can download the files

When you have a password for the Custodian 19.1 app you have read and write access. I'ts important to be aware of this.

Custodian 19.1 is a DataFlex application developed by Sture Andersen from Sture ApS.