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Custodian 19.1
How to Install (6m 07s)
How to use (4m 15s)
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How to use

Custodian 19.1

Lesson 1: How to install

Custodian 19.1 is a DataFlex application that provides an interface for updating other web apps running on the same server.

It looks like this:

With a list of web apps on the left and a panel for updating the selected web app on the bottom right. It is suited for simple updates meaning that all files can be updated, but updating the database definitions or copying over whole folder structures is out of scope for Custodian 19.1.

Custodian 19.1 is free to use, but it counts as one app, if your Web App license counts apps.

Custodian install sequence:

  • Download zip file from the download area of
  • Extract deploy folder to servers application area
  • Install "BCryptCOM Setup.msi" (for password encryption)
  • Create a user with CustodianSetup.exe
  • Register the Custodian with WebApp Administrator

Demonstration: intalling Custodian

  1. Open Web Application Server Administrator
  2. Confirm DataFlex 19.1 is already installed on the server
  3. Open the Custodian Zip file that comes with the download
  4. Copy  the "Custodian191" Folder to the Application area of the server
  5. Open the "Custodian 191" Folder
  6. Open the folder "_BCrypt Installer", to install the password encryption utility
  7. Run the installer
  8. This is what you should see
  9. On the left the folder it's going to be installed in. Just accept the default.
  10. In the right you see that the installation was complete
  11. Then create a user that can login to the Custodian
  12. Go back to the "Custodian191" folder and select "Programs"
  13. Run the "CustodianSetup.exe"
  14. You might get this error
  15. That's because we're trying to run a Windows Application on a Web license. Bypass it by running the .exe. as administrator.
  16. An empty list of users shows
  17. Create a new user. Note: to enter a password you have to click on the text field.
  18. Click "Set password"
  19. The list now has one user in it
  20. If you want to change the password later on. Double click on the user, change password and click "Set password" again
  21. Be very carefull with passwords and adding users. When someone has access to the Custodian they can easily take down your applications.
  22. Next step is to add the Custodian to the Web Application Administrator
  23. In the Web Application Administrator go to "File" and "Configure New Web Application"
  24. Accept defaults
  25. Click "Browse' and select the Custodian 19.1 web app
  26. Accept defaults and finish.
  27. Opening the Custodian 19.1 app in the browser shows that it works:

Custodian 19.1 is a DataFlex application developed by Sture Andersen from Sture ApS.