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Step 4: Activation phase

Advanced Dynamic Objects

Lesson 4 - Step 3: Creation phase

The purpose the Creation Phase is to create all of the initial dynamic objects. The CreateDynamicObject function is called multiple times to achieve this.


  1. For this sample application, all of the dynamic objects are to show with the page is loaded. The construction is defined inside the container’s OnLoad procedure.
  2. The code inside this function is similar to what was shown inside the OnClick procedure of the cAddButton class. 
  3. First, retrieve the number of address lines that are currently present while making sure to give the new objects unique names
  4. Next, the CreateDynamicObject is used three times:
    1. Create a cWebForm object: represents the address line present when the container loads
    2. Create the button to adds a new row
    3. Create the button to remove the last row
  5. Dynamic properties, that are mostly related to positioning, are set for each of the three new dynamic objects